Dr McCord
Dr. Gregory A. McCord

Message from the Superintendent

I want to begin by stating that I am truly honored to be the Superintendent of Marlboro County School District. In Marlboro County I have already found that our most valuable resources are the people.  Marlboro County is a strong community with deeply passioned citizens dedicated to ensuring that all students receive a quality education.  It is my aim to be fully immersed in each of our schools by offering support to the professional staff that is charged the task of providing rigorous, hands-on activities that promote the critical thinking skills our children will need to be leaders of the world.

I tend to look for the best in young people understanding that they need solid role models with high character.  As superintendent of Marlboro County, I will be open, honest and transparent at all times with all stakeholders and I ask that you hold me accountable.  In Marlboro County School District, I will seek to Maximize, Create, Strengthen and Develop relationships, partnerships and community engagement at high levels.  Our children and this community are depending on me to be a leader that will “move the needle” forward. Marlboro County School District is ready, set, go!  If you have any issues that need addressing, feel free to contact me at 843-521-7631.

Thank you so very much for your support.

Dr. Gregory A. McCord