Student Health Services

School Nurses

Kanisha Hooks Malachi, RN, BSN -District Nurse Supervisor                                 (Bennettsville Intermediate)

Barbara Ford Dukes, RN (Bennettsville Primary)

Nickole Broddy, RN (Marlboro County High)

Amanda Byrd, RN (Wallace Elementary/Middle)

Catherine Hunter, RN
(Clio Elementary/Middle and Marlboro School of Discovery)

Shirley Erwin, RN (McColl Elementary/Middle)

Melinda Boan, RN (Blenheim Elementary/Middle)

Student Health Services provides to all students access to health and emergency care in the school setting. We assess student health status and connect students and families to resources both inside and outside the school community. Our mission is to promote health in order to enhance the students' potential to learn and achieve their highest potential.