Information Technology

James Toole, Technology Director
George Coman, Systems Analyst
Davida Jenkins McCall, Technology Curriculum Specialist
Linda Pratt, Attendance Records Coordinator and Technology Assistant
Chase Quick, Computer Technician
Dave'on Matthews, Computer Technician
Dustin Mew, Computer Technician
John Hartmann, Computer Technician

Contact us:
Phone:    843.454.1997
Fax:        843.454.1999

The Information Technology Department provides a dynamic network which delivers software, Internet services, and a safe environment via monitoring software. Computer technicians are available to maintain workstations, printers, and other hardware as well as software issues. Technology works with the State Department, district, and schools to provide reliable data communication via PowerSchool software.

Technology partners with the community to help develop the next generation of responsible citizens, lifelong learners, and global leaders. The use of technology in the schools aids in the education process to enable students to reach their highest potential.