MCSD Receives USDA Grant

Marlboro County School District Receives USDA Grant
Posted on 11/05/2018

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced that USDA is awarding grants for 128 projects to increase access to job training, educational and health care services in rural areas.

“Empowering rural Americans with access to services for quality of life and economic development is critical to rural prosperity,” Secretary Perdue said. “Distance learning and telemedicine technology bridges the gap that often exists between rural communities and essential education, workforce training and health care resources.”

USDA is awarding $39.6 million through the Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) Grant Program. More than 4.5 million residents in 40 states and three territories will benefit from the funding.

We are excited to announce that Marlboro County School District is receiving a grant in the amount of $485,493.  The district’s only obligation to the grant, other than providing the space, is approximately $77 thousand. According to Dr. Gregory McCord this is money well spent considering the return on investment.

The DLT grant will be used to help the district enhance and expand its distance learning network.   The project will include installation of the newest and latest technology to replace an aging, out-of-date distance learning network system. Nine sites have been identified in MCSD for these upgrades.  All schools in the district will have the capability to interact virtually and seamlessly.  Which will allow students to take classes at remote sites, to include colleges/universities.  We also plan to advance our STEM programs and increase dual credit learning opportunities.

Teachers will benefit from the technology as well.  Professional Development not typically available to all staff will now be accessible by all.  The grant was submitted by Mrs. Barbara McCall, Director of Retention and Development, and members of the school community in the spring of 2018.

Dr. Gregory McCord stated, “To know that our district will have the ability to take students and staff outside of the building for world-wide studies is a phenomenal opportunity for us all”.

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