Update on Air Quality/Mold at Bennettsville Intermediate School

Update on Air Quality/Mold at Bennettsville Intermediate School
Posted on 12/19/2017

Due to concerns over air quality/mold at Bennettsville Intermediate School, Elysium Environmental Services, Ltd. visited the school on Saturday, December 16, 2017. 

The findings of their visit are listed below:

  1. The visual inspection conducted didn’t show any visible mold growth or colonization of interior surfaces with visible mold.There were a few water stained ceiling tiles from minor roof leaks, but no visible mold growth as associated with the water stained ceiling tiles.There were no musty, obnoxious, or “off” odors observed in the school that would be associated with mold growth.
  2. A roof leak had damped the carpet in the principal’s office, but no visible mold growth was associated with this leak.
  3. Air samples were collected inside the school building in the Administrative office area, the 200 wing, A wing and B wing.The results show lower levels of mold spores in the air in the administrative offices.The 200 wing and B wing are within acceptable indoor air quality criteria.Similar mold types were observed inside the building in the Administrative office area, the 200 wing, and B wing when compared to the outside of the building.A few of the samples collected in A wing, in the media center and material storage indicated additional cleaning of settled dust should take place, cardboard boxes should be removed and unused paper materials should be discarded as mold spore levels were higher in some sections of A wing when compared to the rest of the school.Additional new Bard Air Conditioning units and dehumidifiers should be installed in A wing and should lower mold spore levels in this section of the building.Recommendations that were submitted in the GEL report should be completed.Currently, it is our understanding that A wing is not used for students, but is used for storage and as office space.
  4. Cladosporium sp. levels inside the school were lower in general during this sampling event when compared to the levels found in the GEL report.
  5. Based on our observations at the time of the inspection and air sampling, there are currently no conditions that would warrant the evacuation, removal and transfer of faculty/students from Bennettsville Intermediate School due to the presence of microbial hazards.As observed, the school is visually clean and no visible mold colonization was uncovered.Some of the recommendations contained in the GEL report have been completed while others remain to be implemented.These recommendations should be completed in a timely fashion and a consistent and improved facility maintenance plan should be implemented.