Welcome Back Celebration

School District Kicks off Year with Welcome Back Celebration
Posted on 08/21/2018
Dr McCord at Welcome Back Celebration

by Jacqueline Hough

In his call to action for teachers and staff of Marlboro County School District, Superintendent Dr. Gregory McCord said he realized what they do each day is very important to get to the desired result.  The end result is always going to be high school graduation," he said.

Dr. McCord encouraged those who don't attend graduations to start going to them because someone walking across the stage had been influenced by someone in the room.  "Each of us has been blessed with a gift," he said. "Although we don't know what that gift is at times, I can assure you that it is a gift not to be held onto."

He pledged his support to the teachers and staff because they are the ones who would see the students daily.

He talked about the district's new theme #345.  The theme encompassed three sentences. The first is three words--I love you; four words -- I care about you and five words --I am here for you.  "Sometimes, the best that we can do is to say 'I love you. I care about you. I am here for you,'" he said.

Dr. McCord added it is a good time to be in the Marlboro County School District.

"I know we are going to do great things," he said. "Academically, we can't help but go up. Emotionally, we want our students to be solid. I want to be sure students are well. I want to be sure you are well."

During the event, Bennettsville Primary teacher Portia Clare was named the District Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Clare said she was humbled by the award.  "I am grateful. I am thankful, and I am pleased to represent the Marlboro County School District," she said.

Teacher of the Year representatives from other schools were Bernice Henegan, Bennettsville Intermediate; Suzy Driggers, Wallace Elementary Middle; Jasmine Covington, School of Discovery; Debbie Ray, McColl Elementary Middle; Smirthy Mulki, Marlboro County High; Darrell Mason, Blenheim Elementary Middle; and Anne Bunch, Clio Elementary.

Several teachers received Excellence in Teaching awards for having at least one class score above the 80th percentile on state testing. They were Kishauna Powell, Clio Elementary; Breanne Wilburn, Cliio Elementary; Amy Parks, McColl Elementary Middle; Therese Scoles, McColl Elementary Middle; Sandy Odom, School of Discovery; Judy Sanders, McColl Elementary Middle; Judy Jernigan, McColl Elementary Middle; Lisa Hecht, School of Discovery; and Judith Davis, Smir-thy Mulki, John Pearce, Dr. Genaro Alderite, Penny Oxendine, and Mitchell Locklear all from Marlboro County High.

A special music tribute was sung by the School of Discovery Chorus in memory of Mackenzie Gore, an Marlboro County High School student killed in a car wreck on August 14.