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Traditional Calendar - January 17

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Upcoming Events

Food Service members earns ServSafe certification
Recently several Food Service employees received ServSafe training certificates. ServSafe is a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the U.S. National Restaurant Association.
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December SOTM
Character Ed Students of the Month Recognized
Two students were recognized during the December board meeting for District Character Education Students of the Month.
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Tramont Miles attends Ultimate DECA Power Trip
Tramont Miles visited Washington, DC
Tramont Miles, a senior of Marlboro County High School and Vice President of Hospitality for SC DECA just recently visited Washington, D.C. with other state officers for the Ultimate DECA Power Trip.
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SCSU President Visits MCHS
SCSU President Visits MCHS
Students to hear from President James E. Clark regarding the limitless college/career opportunities at South Carolina State University.
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Bridge Between Those In Need and the Community
Marlboro County School District is inaugurating a partnership with “Purposity”, a mobile app that allows users to identify community members in need and make donations to help them.
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